Kensington Market is one of the landmarks in Toronto serving the local community, local goods, and services. I received a business assignment to create an e-commerce platform for this old legendary market place.


Kensington Market

Business Requirement:

Create a compelling business case for e-commerce Kensington Market.

User Problem:

Regular Kensington Market visitors find no problems with the market itself, but merchandisers are using outdated tools to sell their products or services.

Technical Constraint:


Project Timeframe: 

2 Weeks

Interesting Note:

Interviewed users of both visitors and merchandisers don't want an online Kensington.

How do we bring Kensington online?


Condensed Case Study

The rising demand:

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Can Kensington Market stands within time?

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Interesting Trait Finding: No one wants a Kensington E-commerce

Users would not shop on Kensington Market’s e-commerce site if there is one because they only like to buy from Amazon, eBay, Forever 21 or H&M as these companies give them the best services and online security checkout.

Challenge: No One Thinks It's Possible

Through research, we learned Kensington is a rich cultural community rooted with different classes of stores and people, including high-end shops, unique boutiques, local food, and restaurants. It is not a flea-market some might misunderstand. The challenge is how can we make changes to it while, based on research, users — Kensington visitors and Kensington store owners — don’t want changes.

Solution: Offer Merchandisers The Right E-commerce Tool

Instead of changing it, we will enhance it by providing an e-commerce platform, so it stands within the time eclipse.

The Users and Their Shopping Habits:

Further research was conducted to understand our users more in-depth on how they think about Kensington Market and what do they like and dislike about e-commerce sites:


Research method used: Survey, in-person interview, guerrilla interview on site with real users, on-site observation, competitor analysis and domain research.

How To Bring Them Together? Kensington Vibe with Common UI Patterns

Create a Kensington cultural feel e-commerce site that still carries its unique products with UI Patterns similar to Amazon, eBay, and BestBuy making it easy to adopt. The site will also have no or minimal ads, include sales content and continue the close relationship with owner and word-of-mouth culture through on-site blogging.

Wireframe Prototype

Wireframe Prototype with InVision: Kensington E-commerce Wireframe

* Full case study includes a few more details on site map, user flow, usability testing result and etc.



  • Ethnography

  • Product adoption

  • A new online Kensington

  • Using patterns

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