Kensington Market is an old legendary market place and we need to polish its e-commerce site.


Kensington Market

Business Requirement:

Bring the life of Kensington online

Interesting Note:

During validation, tested users think this is a market e-commerce site where they can buy goods and check out events from the wireframe prototype that was presented, which align exactly to the project goal.


Condensed Case Study

Before polishing up, I tested the wireframe to validate usability and user feedbacks.

Setting up test questions

Using Affinity Diagram to sort out testing answers and make sense of them:

Sorting out users' feedback Making sense of users' feedback

Visual Design:

Kensington is Kensington’s main visual message: Diversity

Brand Personality:

Kensington's Brand Feel

Style Tile and Design System:

Kensington's Style Tile and Design System

* Full case study includes full validation process and re-doing the blogging page due to un-usable result from usability testing.



  • Validation

  • Brand Personality

  • Visual Tile

  • Design System

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